3 Ways Engagement Marketing Can Help You Increase Conversion Rates

“The truth is that engagement marketing is one of your most powerful marketing weapons. When used right, it can send your conversion rates through the roof.”

There’s a great article on Medium that backs up the claim above ⬆ with data, images and graphs like this one:

It gives you 3 ways you can use Engagement Marketing right now to start seeing some conversions on your content [you can read it here]

But here’s the problem –

There are TONS of excellent content like this out there, yet none of it has made you a celebrity in your niche yet, has it?

That’s because even though articles like this one are packed with great information, without having the right skills to apply this information – nothing’s gonna happen.

When you’re a celebrity in your niche, amazing things happen:

  • Other celebs notice you and want to JV with you (I’ve created products with Jeff Johnson, James Wedmore, Jon Benson (and those who won’t be named)…)
  • You’re invited to speak at conferences and are flown around the world for private training (Google flew me to Mexico, Brazil and even to my homeland – Israel… Eben Pagen asked me to train from his stage at MetaMind and Accelerate, Derral Eves had me as the only female speaker at VidCon.. the list goes on and on..)
  • You don’t have to pay for media coverage, they find you (I was interviewed at Business Rockstars radio station, podcasts and many web shows)
  • It’s easy to book high profile guests for your own shows and events (the list of my esteemed guests is too long to list here, but you can find it here)
  • Clients find you, reach out to you and are thrilled to work with you (I can’t tell you how booked my calendar is since I started doing live streams, and if we’re the right fit, conversion happens in a matter of days (not weeks!).

Articles like this don’t make you a celeb in your niche, but a loyal audience does.

And building a loyal audience doesn’t have to take 6 months and constant content creation. There’s a faster, easier and a lot more fun way to do that, and I will work with you face to face in the Live Streaming workshop to make sure that you know how to do that too.

“An engagement marketing campaign is personal, intimate and one-on-one. It doesn’t just blast a message at millions through a mass communication channel  –  like TV  –  but engage them individually.”