Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve…

We made $250,000 from a dead list of 7000 who has been hit with our offer for over 3 years and never bought.

We converted at 40%, but the extra benefit to me is using the system over and over again…connecting with my audience live and adding value to them.

I was afraid of the tech but I knew that I can rely and trust Yifat and she did not disappoint. Working with Yifat has been the most amazing experience.

YCN is amazing! Our company had never engaged with its customer base and we honestly had no idea how to do it. The folks at YCN took this into account, led us through developing a comprehensive social engagement plan, and helped us through implementation to completion. The results were absolutely amazing! A new untapped source of revenue we didn’t even know existed!

I’m blown away! I always had visions that someday I will be able to connect with my audience in the most intimate environment (our homes) has been revolutionary.  It has taken the marketing, the production and a way to connect with my audience to an entirely new level.

Yifat is a genius at creating engagement that converts into clients. She is smart, caring and a genuine pleasure to work with.

This is absolutely genius because people buy from people they know, like and trust and this system gets your audience to know, like and trust you in a way they haven’t before.

She has this gamification aspect to her system that gets everyone sharing your event and guess what… that’s free advertising!

The financial result was great…and the enjoyment factor of jumping on…I really miss it now..after it was over I felt like – where did that piece of my life go…?

“Oh that Yifat… she is the expert on how to grow and engage your audience in a profitable way – whether that profit is time or money… no matter how you measure it, she is the expert on making it happen.”

Yifat is the type of person that injects people with passion and gets them out of their comfort zone so that they can make a splash in their business and impact millions of lives.

Yifat is outstanding! She breaks things down to a level that is simple and easy to follow! Within One Half Hour, I logged out feeling Confident that My Next Campaign was going to be Scaled with even Greater Success! Thanks be to you Yifat! Gambate!

Yifat possess a rare quality of being able to cut through the clutter and grasp the essence of a problem. She understands business and business people. Her command of the internet is vast and comprehensive. Any business person would be wise to have her in their corner. She will deliver ROI of at least 10 to 1. I have witnessed this first hand.

Working with Yifat has been excellent for my organization. On our first call, she didn’t waste time with excess chit chat, and instead jumped right into the depth of my brand and where we were seeing the most struggle. I appreciate that she was friendly, yet to the point, giving me tangible strategies to then take back and immediately implement into my company.

One thing that truly stood out to me and left a lasting impression was that she was willing to get out of her seat and envision herself in mine. Yifat logged into my member’s site directly and gave me instant feedback in a positive, yet constructive manner. I am confident in how to move my company forward as an influencer after my experiences with her. If you have not had your time with her, and you’re truly looking for someone to be real with you, I highly recommend reaching out to Yifat.

Yifat is a superb trainer and coach. Her greatest strength is teaching and demonstrating the power of truly connecting and engaging with her audience. I recently took her course LIVE Beyond FACEBOOK using XSplit broadcaster, which added a whole new level of advanced techniques to my broadcasting skill set.

Don’t miss a chance to work with Yifat….she is “simply the best…better than all the rest”

See my almost 6,000 followers on my G+ profile? That’s due to Yifat’s advice. She’s taught me really cool stuff I wouldn’t have used otherwise. Due to Yifat, I’ve met important business contacts here, including clients and affiliates. She is invaluable for marketing your business. A sharp cookie indeed.