Hi, I’m Yifat Cohen.

Many of you know me as The G+ Goto Gal… or if you’ve ever searched for “Google Plus Expert” you saw that Google offers my G+ profile as the first option and have found me that way (which is a great place to stay in touch with me, btw).

In the last few years (honestly, after Vic Gundotra left Google+ and things started changing) I began to shift my focus from just Google+ and hangouts to Engagement and Conversions.


Because I strongly believe that our marketing and communication today are missing what I call – THE HUMAN ELEMENT.

I’ll be talking a lot more about the missing Human Element and how making it an integral part of your strategy is going to help you win in the short and long term.

If building meaningful relationships with your clients and customers is important to you, then…

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I’ll be sharing ideas and hacks about engagement & conversions focusing on:

  • Live video (Hangouts, of course..but also Xsplit, Facebook Live, Periscope and syndication.)
  • Intimacy at scale: how to create one-on-one conversations at scale, how to craft super personalized emails (you guessed it – ) at scale, how to integrate a bunch of services together so your communication feels personalized and seamless across the board, and best of all – reduces the time you have to mess with it.This will include Facebook Messenger, Customized Emails, Web analysis and more geeky stuff.
  • Gamification: what makes it work, what kills it, how to apply it to grow your biz…etc.
  • Trust, confidence and loneliness: If you’re not aware, loneliness is now deadlier than obesity Despite how connected we are with our social accounts, more Americans are living alone than ever before, and technology like texting and social media has made it easier to avoid forming substantive relationships in the flesh and blood.That presents a HUGE opportunity to all of us, and I’ll be talking a lot about that.
  • VICE: (Virtual, Interactive Coaching Experience): the ULTIMATE system that integrates all the above together to re-engage & convert your list into your high-ticket offer in just a few weeks. No ads, no affiliates, no complicated funnels, no BS.
  • Finally, this summer I will be relaunching my web show – I’m That Geek, and just like before, I will bring in top experts (famous and just super badass people) and invite you in to speak with them live.There’s also going to be a space for you to connect with other viewers, talk about the topics…maybe make some friends in the process…
    (not another Facebook group or Google community, thank you very much!)You never know what goodies sprout when you’re surrounded by like minded people.

What would you like to Geek Out about?

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  • Pick VIRAL CONNECTIVITY if you want to lean about engagement marketing (intimacy at scale, gamification, etc)
  • Pick XSPLIT TRAINING if you want to learn about syndicating live video across the interwebs with Xsplit and how to grow your business with video
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Check all the topics you want to geek out with me about: