Turn your dead list into profit
in 5 simple steps.

(learn how I captured the undivided attention of a DEAD list and converted it into high paying clients.)

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Let’s make you some money FAST!

During This Class, You’ll Discover…

  • The Simplest and Fastest Way to Tap Into Your Existing List…Even If It’s Completely Dead…
  • The #1 MISTAKE you’re making right now that’s KILLING your open and conversion rates (it’s not what you think)
  • How much MONEY is hiding in your list, and how you can EASILY tap into it
  • The ONLY metric that you should focus on if you want to hit SIX FIGURES in the next 10 days (this one will surprise you)
  • The SIMPLEST and FASTEST way to tap into your list to…
    • get MORE engagement
    • convert your raving fans into HIGH-END clients, and… 
    • turn them into your biggest advocates = FREE ADVERTISING!
  • Learn how to have plenty of FRESH CONTENT that’s exactly what your audience is looking for, without writing a single word or running out of ideas, and…
  • How to do ALL of it WITHOUT spending months and thousands of dollars on complicated funnels, creating videos, editing, chasing affiliates and joint ventures, writing extensive email campaigns, wasting time on social media and throwing money at expensive ads.

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Meet your host


Yifat Cohen

Known as the G+ GotoGal, Yifat cracked the code on monetizing attention with conversion rates of 15%-40% without affiliates, ad buy or any complicated marketing tactics.

She gets more engagement on her G+ content than people with millions of followers – four times as much engagement on her hangouts as Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk combined.

Yifat is one of the very few non-Googlers who was asked by Google to present Google products at Google offices. She is often flown around the world to speak for Google at their global events.

Yifat is the architect behind generating a quarter of a million dollar in just 10 days with Google hangouts. A growth hacker specializing in community building, gamifying live engagements and cultivating brand evangelists.

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